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History and photos of Frozzy's

Frozzy's has a very long history, it has been the school, the marie (mayors office), a restaurant and the birth place of the 3 wonderful now old ladies that we bought the home from. It special feature is the tower that dominates the front of the house, this was considered the perfect place to dry tobacco. The ladies tell us of the difficulties of living in such a large house in winter in a time when central heating was not an option. Madam also laments carrying water from the source down the hill, after climbing the hill they where then faced with the stairs! aahhh.

Of course times change and thankfully winters are now warm with central heating the window are all double glazed so the icy breezes stay outside where they belong. What's more there is now running water right in the house!..lol

It seems funny for for us to think about living without these normal comforts but for many this was life.

By the way: over the entry of most old houses in this part of France, the date of construction or placement of the lintle stone is carved into the stone. Our front door has carved into it 1837 but recently we discovered another carving of 1738 it's on the stair well, see if you can find it when you visit!

the new fireplace in the dinning room offers 
winter comfort
Some of the neat little architectural features 


The stone sink and window 

This stone arch was to let he horse and carts past .....I guess other than that it's just beautiful!
In the beginning Frozzy's looked a little sad and neglected but we knew immediately it was special 


Just look at the front door 

the funny little window above the stone sink and the stone arch in the side of the house and one can't help but fall in luv


When spring break forth life is beautiful

spot the skink!

The lounge is a great place to relax and try to fathom French tele of course you could tune into British TV it that's too hard



The bathroom is now modern with water hot and cold what's more!


The winter is heralded by the first frost, it's nice to look at it from the kitchen window, where it's nice and warm, this picture was taken before the latest round of landscaping, so the garden will look different/better but the view is the same

I will add to this page as time passes and I have some more time.



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This is the new pool the day it was finished, the landscaping and surrounds are yet to be done.

The new terrace at the back door is not visible in this photo